rank and expectations seemed to foretell ob::jections from his Family to a match which would be highly desirable to theirs. Proposalswere made on the young Man's part, and pro::per objections on his Father's – He was desired to return from Carlisle where he was withhis beloved Rose, to the family seat in Suſsex. He was obliged to comply, and the angry fa::ther then finding from his Conversation how determined he was to marry no other woman, sent him for a fortnight to the Isle of Wightunder the care of the Family Chaplain, withthe hope of overcoming his Constancy by Timeand Absence in a foreign Country. They accord::ingly prepared to bid a long adeiu to England —The young Nobleman was not allowed to seehis Rosa. They set sail — A storm arosewhich baffled the arts of the Seamen. TheVeſsel was wrecked on the coast of Calshotand every Soul on board perished. This sad Event soon reached Carlisle, and the beautiful

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