the Travellor1 might always know how far inhis progreſs round the Paddock he was got –.Maria stooppeded2 to pick up the beautiful flower,and with all her Family Generosity presented itto her Husband. "My dear Frederic, said she, praytake this charming rose." "Rose! exclaimed MrGower –. Oh! Maria, of what does not that remindme! Alas my poor Sister, how have I neglectedyou!" The truth was that Mr Gower was theonly son of a very large Family, of which Miſs Rose Gower was the thirteenth daughter. Thisyoung Lady whose merits deserved a better fate than she met with, was the darling of her re::lations –From the clearneſs of her skin & the Brilliancy of her Eyes, she was fully entitled to all their partial affection. Another circum::stance contributed to the general Love they bore her, and that was one of the finest heads of hairin the world. A few Months before her Brother's marriage, her heart had been engaged by the at::tentions and charms of a young Man whose high


RWC and Sabor read as 'Traveller', but Austen uses the distinct spelling 'Travellor' again in Sanditon. Back to context...
'stoopped' altered to 'stooped' by writing 'ed' over erased 'ped'. Back to context...
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