I related to them every other misfortune which hadbefallen me since we parted. Of the imprisonmentof Augustus & the Absence of Edward — of our arrivalin Scotland – of our unexpected Meeting with our Grand-father & our cousins — of our visit to Mac::donald-Hall — of the singular Service we there performedtowards Janetta — of her Fathers ingratitude for it....of his inhuman Behaviour, unaccountable sus::picions, & barbarous treatment of us, in obligingus to leave the House.... of our Lamentations onthe loſs of Edward & Augustus & finally of the me::lancholy Death of my beloved Companion.

Pity & Surprise were strongly depictured in your Mother's Countenance, during the whole of my nar::ration, but I am sorry to say, that to the eternal re::proach of her Sensibility, the latter infinitely pre::dominated. Nay, faultleſs as my Conduct had cer::tainly been during the whole Course of my late Misfortunes & Adventures, she pretended to findfault with my Behaviour in many of the situa::tions in which I had been placed. As I was sensiblemyself, that I had always behaved in a mannerwhich reflected Honour on my Feelings & Refinements, I paid

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