Body & if not too violent, is I dare say conducive to Healthin its consequences — Run mad as often as you chuse;but do not faint —".

These were the lastwords she ever addreſsed to me...It was her dieing Advice to her afflicted Laura, whohas ever most faithfully adhered to it.

After having attended my lamented freind to her Early Grave, I immediately ( tho'though late at night) leftthe detested Villagein which where she died, & near which hadexpired my Husband & Augustus. I had not walkedmany yards from it before I was overtaken by a Stage--Coach, in which I instantly took a place, determinedto proceed in it to Edinburgh, where I hoped to find somekind some pitying Freind who would receive & com::fort me in my Afflictions.

It was so dark when I entered the Coachthat I could not distinguish the Number of my Fellow-travellers; I could only perceive that theywere Many. Regardleſs however of any thing con::cerning them, I gave myself up to my own sad Reflections. A general mutual Silence prevailed amongst us all – A Silence, which was by nothing interruptedbut by the loud & repeated Snores of one of the Party.

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