us by our worthy Landlady —. Her disorder turnedto a galloping Consumption & in a few Days car::ried her off. Amidst all my Lamentations forher (& violent you may suppose they were) Iyet received some consolation in the reflectionof my having paid every Attention to her, thatcould be offered, in her illneſs. I had wept overher every Day – had bathed her sweet fair face withmy tears & had preſsed her fair Hands continuallyin mine —. "My beloved Laura (said she to mea few Hours before she died) take warning frommy unhappy End & avoid the imprudent conductwhich has occasioned it... Beware of fainting-fits...Though at the time they may be refreshing & Agreableyet beleive me they will in the end, if too often re::peated & at improper seasons, prove destructiveto your Constitution... My fate will teach you this..I die a Martyr to my greif for the loſs of Augustus..One fatal swoon has cost me my Life... Bewareof swoons Dear Laura.... A frenzy fit is not onequarter so pernicious; it is an exercise to the

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