The morning after our arrival at the Cottage,Sophia complained of a violent pain in her delicatelimbs, accompanied with a disagreable Head-ake.She attributed it to a cold caught by her continualfaintings in the open Air as the Dew was fallingthe Evening before. This I feared was but too pro::bably the case; since how could it be otherwiseaccounted for that I should have escaped the sameindisposition, but by supposing that the bodily Exertions I had undergone in my repeated fits offrenzy had so effectually circulated & warmed my Blood as to make me proof against the chilling Damps of Night, whereas, Sophia lying totallyinactive on the Ground must have been exposedto all their Severity. I was most seriously a::larmed by her illneſs which trifling as it mayappear to you, a certain instinctive Sensibilitywhispered me, would in the End be fatal to her.

Alas! my fears were but too fully justified; shegrew gradually worse – & I daily became morealarmed for her. – At length she was obliged toconfine herself solely to the Bed allotted her

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