very plain & her name was Bridget.... Nothingtherefore could be expected from her – – – she couldnot be supposed to poſseſs either exalted Ideas, Delicate Feelings or refined Sensibilityies1She was nothing more than a mere good--tempered, civil & obliging Young Woman; assuch we could scarcely dislike her — shewas only an Object of Contempt —. Adeiu


Letter the 14th

Laura in continuation

Arm yourself my amiable Young Freind withall the philosophy you are Mistreſs of; summonup all the fortitude you poſseſs, for Alas! in theperusal of the following Pages your sensibilitywill be most severely tried. Ah! what were the Misfortunes I had before experienced & which I havealready related to you, to the one I am now goingto inform you of! The Death of my Father my Mother,and my Husband though almost more than mygentle Nature could support, were trifles in com::parison to the misfortune I am now proceedingto relate.


'Sensibility' altered to 'Sensibilities' by overwriting of 'y' with 'ies'. Back to context...
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