on myEdward's Death –. For two Hours did I rave thusmadly and should not then have left off, as I wasnot in the least tiredfatigued1, had not Sophia who wasjust recovered from her swoon, intreated me toconsider that Night was now approaching andthat the Damps began to fall. "And whithershall we go (said I) to shelter us from either." ? "To that white Cottage." (replied she pointing toa neat Building which rose up amidst the Groveof Elms & which I had not before observed –) I a::greed & we instantly walked to it — we knockedat the door — it was opened by an old Woman; onbeing requested to afford us a Night's Lodging, sheinformed us that her House was but small, thatshe had only two Bed-rooms, but that However weshould be wellcome to one of them. We were satis::fied & followed the good Woman into the Housewhere we were greatly cheered by the sight of acomfortable fire —. She was a Widow & had onlyone Daughter, who was then just Seventeen One of the best of ages; but alas! she was


'tired' erased and replaced with 'fatigued'. Back to context...
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