not to die —. "Laura (said He fixing his now languid Eyes on me) I fear I have been overturned."

I was overjoyed to find him yet sensible –.

"Oh! tell me Edward (said I) tell me I beseech youbefore you die, what has befallen you since thatunhappy Day in which Augustus was arrested& we were separated –"

"I will" (said he) and instantly fetching a Deep sigh, Expired —. Sophia immediately sunkagain into a swoon —. My Greif was more audibleMy Voice faltered, My Eyes aſsumed a vacant Stare, My face became as pale as Death, and my Senseswere considerably impaired –.

"Talk not to me of Phaetons (said I, ravingin a frantic, incoherent manner) — Give me aviolin —. I'll play to him & sooth him in hismelancholy Hours — Beware ofye1 gentle Nymphsof Cupid's Thunderbolts, avoid the piercing Shaftsof Jupiter — Look at that Grove of Firs — I see a Leg of Mutton — They told me Edward was not Dead; but they deceived me – they took him fora Cucumber —" Thius2 I continued wildly exclaiming


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