but weltering in their blood was what first struck our Eyes — we approached — they were Edward & Augustus —Yes dearest Marianne they were our Husbands.Sophia shreiked & fainted on the Ground — I screamed& instantly ran mad —. We remained thus mutu::ally deprived of our Senses, some minutes, & on re::gaining them were deprived of them again –. Foran Hour & a Quarter did we continue in this un::fortunate Situation — Sophia fainting every mo::ment & I running Mad as often –. At length a Groan from the hapleſs Edward (who alone retainedany share of Life) restored us to ourselves –. Had weindeed before imagined that either of them lived,we should have been more sparing of our Greif butas we had supposed when we first beheld themthat they were no more, we knew that nothingcould remain to be done but what we wereabout –. No sooner therefore did we hear myEdward's groan than postponing our Lamentationsfor the present, we hastily ran to the Dear Youthand kneeling on each side of him implored him

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