topic, justly fearing that it might in some unforseenmanner again awaken all her sensibility by directingher thoughts to her Husband. – Yet to be silentwould be cruel; cruel; She had intreated me to talk.

From this Dilemma I was most fortunately releived by an accident truly apropos; it was thelucky overturning of a Gentleman's Phaeton, on the road which ran murmuring behind us. Itwas a most fortunate Accident as it diverted theattention of Sophia from the melancholy reflections of Augustus which she had been before indulging.

We instantly quitted our seats & ran to the rescueof those who but a few moments before had beenin so elevated a situation as a fashionably high Phaeton, but who were now laid low and sprawlingin the Dust –. "What an ample subject for reflectionon the uncertain Enjoyments of this World, wouldnot that Phaeton & the Life of Cardinal Wolsey afforda thinking Mind"! said I to Sophia as we werehastening to the field of Action.

She had not time to answer me, for everythought was now engaged by the horrid Spectaclebefore us. Two Gentlemen most elegantly attired

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