on those elms –. They remind me of Augustus –. Hewas like them, tall, magestic. –. he poſseſsed thatnoble grandeur which you admire in them."

I was silent, fearfull lest I might anymore unwillingly distreſs her by fixing on anyother subject of conversation which might againremind her of Augustus.

"Why do you not speak my Laura? (said sheafter a short pause) I cannot support this si::lence – you must not leave me to my own reflec::tions; they ever recur to Augustus."

"What a beautifull Sky! (said I) How charminglyis the azure varied by those delicate streaks ofwhite!"

"Oh! my Laura (replied she hastily withdrawing her Eyesfrom a momentary glance at the sky) do not thus dis::treſ me by calling my Attention to an object which socruelly reminds me of my Augustus's blue sattin Waistcoat striped with white! In pity to your un::happy freind avoid a subject so distreſsing." What couldI do? The feelings of Sophia were at that time so ex::quisite, & the tenderneſs she felt for Augustus sopoignant that I had not power to start any other

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