so beautifull a spot. A mutual Silence which hadfor some time reigned between us, was at lengthbroke by my exclaiming – "What a lovely Scene! Alaswhy are not Edward & augustus here to enjoy its Beauties with us?"

"Ah! my beloved Laura (cried Sophia) for pity'ssake forbear recalling to ymy remembrance theunhappy situation of my imprisoned Husband. Alas,what would I not give to learn the fate of my Augus::tus! to know if he is still in Newgate, or if heis yet hung. – But never shall I be able so far toconquer my tender sensibility as to enquire afterhim. Oh! do not I beseech you ever let me againhear you repeat his beloved Name —. It affects metoo deeply —. I cannot bear to hear him mentioned –it wounds my feelings."

"Excuse me my Sophia for having thus un::willingly offended you —" replied I — and then chang::ing the conversation, desired her to admire the Noble Grandeur of the Elms which sheltered usfrom the Eastern Zephyr. "Alas! my Laura (returnedshe) avoid so melancholy a subject, I intreat you –Do not again wound my Sensibility by Observa::tions

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