"Wretch (exclaimed she, hastily replacing the Bank--note in the Drawer) how darest thou to accuseme of an Act, of which the bare idea makes meblush?" The base wretch was still unconvinced &continued to upbraid the justly-offended Sophia insuch opprobious Language, that at length he so greatlyprovoked the gentle sweetneſs of her Nature, as toinduce her to revenge herself on him by informinghim of Janetta's Elopement, and of the active Partwe had both taken in the Affair. At this periodof their Quarrel I entered the Library and was asyou may imagine equally offended as Sophia at theill-grounded Accusations of the malevolent and con::temptible Macdonald. "Base Miscreant! (cried I)how canst thou thus undauntedly endeavour to sullythe spotleſs reputation of such bright Excellence? Whydost thou not suspect my innocence as soon?"

"Be satisfied Madam (replied he) I do suspect it,& therefore must desirethat you will both leave this House in leſs than half an hour."

"We shall go willingly; (answered Sophia) our

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