deprive ofhim1 of Money, perhaps dishonestly gained,it was determined that the next time we shouldeither of us happen to go that way, we would takeone or more of the Bank notes from the drawer. Thiswell-meant Plan we had often succeſsfully put in Execution; but alas! on the very day of Janetta's Escape,as Sophia was magjestically removing the 5th Bank--note from the Drawer to her own purse, she wassuddenly most impertinently interrupted in heremployment by the entrance of Macdonald himself,in a most abrupt & precipitate Manner. Sophia(who though naturally all winning sweetneſs couldwhen occasions demanded it call forth the Dignityof her Sex) instantly put on a most forbiding look,& darting an angry frown on the undaunted Cul::prit, demanded in a haughty tone of voice "Where::fore her retirement was thus insolently brokenin on?" The unblushing Macdonald without evenendeavouring to exculpate himself from the crimehe was charged with, meanly endeavoured to re::proach Sophia with ignobly defrauding him ofhis Money. – . The dignity of Sophia was wounded;


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