affection for Janetta, on receiving this Billet flew onthe wings of Love to Macdonald-Hall, and so power::fully pleaded his Attachment to her who inspiredit, that after a few more private interveiws, So::phia & I experienced the Satisfaction of seeingthem depart for Gretna-Green, which they chosefor the celebration of their Nuptials, in preferenceto any other place from its wonderful Celebrity, although as it was a most agreableit was ata considerable distance Drive from Macdonald-Hall. Adeiu


Letter the 13th

Laura in Continuation

They had been gone nearly a couple of Hours, beforeeither Macdonald or Graham had entertained anysuspicion of the affair –. And they might not eventhen have suspected it, had it not but for the fol::lowing little Accident. Sophia happening one Day toopen a private Drawer in Macdonald's Library withone of her own keys, discovered that it was the Place where he kept his Papers of consequence& amongst with them some bank-notes of considerableamount. This discovery she imparted to me; andhaving agreed together that it would be a propertreatment of so vile a Wretch as Macdonald to

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