our satisfaction, the next we took into considerationwas, to determine in what manner we should in::form M'Kenzie of the favourable Opinion Janettaentertained of him. –. We at length agreed to acquainthim with it by an anonymous Letter which Sophiadrew up in the following Manner.

"Oh! happy Lover of the beautifull Janetta,oh! enviable Poſseſsor of her Heart whose hand isdestined to another, why do you thus delay a con::feſsion of your Attachment to the amiable Objectof it? Oh! consider that a few weeks will at onceput an end to every flattering Hope that you maynow entertain, by uniting the unfortunate Victimof her father's Cruelty to the execrable & detestedGraham."

"Alas! why do you thus so cruelly conniveat the projected Misery of her & of yourself by delayingto communicate that scheme which has doubtleſslong poſseſsed your imagination? A secret Unionwill at once secure the felicity of both."

The amiable M'Kenzie, whose modesty as heafterwards aſsured us had been the only reason ofhis having so long concealed the violence of his

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