better than any one she knew besides. This confeſsionsatisfied us and after having enumerated the good Qualities of M'Kenzie & aſsured herthat she was violentlyin love with him, we desired to know whether hehad ever in any wise declared his Affection to her.

"So far from having ever declared it, I have no rea::son to imaginethat he has ever felt any for me." saidJanetta. "That he certainly adores you (replied Sophia)there can be no doubt –. The Attachment must bereciprocal —. Did he never gaze on you with Admiration — tenderly preſs your hand — drop an involantarytear — & leave the room abruptly?" "Never (replied She)that I remember – he has always left the room indeedwhen his visit has been ended, but has never goneaway particularly abruptly or without making a bow." "Indeed my Love (said I) you must be mistaken –.for it is absolutely impoſsible that he should everhave left you but with with, Confusion, Despair,& Precipitation –. Consider but for a moment Janetta,& you must be convinced how absurd it is to sup::pose that he could ever make a Bow, or behavelike any other Person" other People." Having settled this Point to

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