:fore we went, and were received with great kindneſsby Janetta the daughter of Macdonald, & the Mistreſs of the Mansion. Janetta was then only fifteen; naturallywell disposed, endowed with a susceptible Heart, and a simpathetic Disposition, she might, had these amiable Qualities been properly encouraged, have been an orna::ment to human Nature; but unfortunately her Father poſseſsed not a soul sufficiently exalted to ad::mire so promising a Disposition, and had endeavouredby every means in his power to prevent its encreasingwith her Years. He had actually so far extinguished thenaturalnoble Sensibility of her Heart, as to prevail on herto accept an offer from a young Man of his Recommen::dation. They were to be married in a few Months, andGraham, was in the House when we arrived. We soonsaw through his Character —. He was just such a Manas one might have expected to be the choice of Macdonald.They said he was Sensible, well-informed, and Agreable;we did not pretend to Judge of such trifles, but as wewere convinced he had no soul, that he had never readthe Sorrows of Werter, and that his Hair bore not theleast resemblance to auburn, we were certain thatJanetta could feel no affection for him, or at least

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