Letter the 12th

Laura in continuation

You may imagine how greatly we were surprizedby the sudden departure of Lord St: Clair —. "Ignoble Grand==sire!" exclaimed Sophia. "Unworthy Grand-father!" said I, &instantly fainted in each other's arms. How long we remain::ed in this situation I know not; but when we recoveredwe found ourselves alone, without either Gustavus, Phi::lander, or the Bank-notes. As we were deploringour unhappy fate, the Door of the Apartment opened& "Macdonald" was announced. He was Sophia's cou::sin. The haste with which he came to our releif sosoon after the receipt of our Note, spoke so greatly in hisfavour that I hesitated not to pronouce him atfirst sight, a tender & simpathetic Freind. Alas! helittle deserved the name — for though he told usthat he was much concerned at our Misfortunes, yetby his own account it appeared that the perusalof them, had neither drawn from him a single sigh,nor induced him to bestow one curse on our vindic::tive Stars. —. He told Sophia that his Daughterdepended on her returning with him to Macdonald--Hall; & that as his Cousin's freind he should behappy to see me there also. To Macdonald-Hall, there:

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