Convinced that I could not be mistaken in myconjecture I instantly sprang from the Carriage Ihad just entered, & following the Venerable Strangerinto the Room he had been shewn to, I threw myselfon my knees before him & besought him to acknowledgeme as his Grand-Child. – He started, & after havingattentively examined my features, raised me fromthe Ground & throwing his Grand-fatherly arms aroundmy Neck, exclaimed, "Acknowledge thee! Yes dear re::semblance of my Laurina & my Lauraina's1 Daughter,sweet image of my Claudia & my Claudia's Mother,I do acknowledge thee as the Daughter of the one& the Grandaughter of the other." While he was thustenderly embracing me, Sophia astonished at myprecipitate Departure, entered the Room in searchof me –. No sooner had she caught the [..] eye of thevenerable Peer, than he exclaimed with every markof Astonishment —"Another Grandaughter! Yes, yes,I see you are the Daughter of my Laurina's eldest Girl; Your resemblance to the beauteous Matildasufficiently proclaims it."Oh! replied Sophia, when Ifirst beheld you the instinct of Nature whisperedme that we were in some degree related — Butwhether Grandfathers, or Grandmothers, I could not


Originally 'Laura'; 'a' overwritten with 'ina's'. Back to context...
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