in receiving me." "Shall I order the Boy to drive there?" said I — but instantly recollecting myself, exclaimed, "AlasI fear it will be too long a Journey for the Horses." Un::willing however to act only from my own inadequate Knowledge of the Strength & Abilities of Horses, I consultedthe Postilion, who was entirely of my Opinion concerningthe Affair. We therefore determined to change Horsesat the next Town & to travel Post the remainder ofthe Journey. –. When we arrived at the last Inn wewere to stop at, which was but a few miles from the House of Sophia's Relation, unwilling to intrude our Society on him unexpected & unthought of, we wrote avery elegant & well-penned Note to him containing an Account of our Destitute & melancholy Situation, and ofour intention to spend some months with him in Scot::land. As soon as we had dispatched this Letter, weimmediately prepared to follow it her in person & werestepping into the Carriage for that Purpose when our Attention was attracted by the Entrance of a coroneted Coach & 4 into the Inn-yard. A Gentleman considerablyadvanced in years, descended from it –. At his first Appearance my Sensibility was wonderfully affected& e'er I had gazed at him a 2d time, an instinctive Sympathy whispered to my Heart, that he was my Grandfather.

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