have remembered my Father & Mother or my paternal Cottage in the Vale of Uske. To account for this seeming forgetfullneſs I must inform you of a trifling Circum::stance concerning them which I have as yet nevermentioned –. The death of my Parents a few weeks aftermy Departure, is the circumstance I allude to. By their decease I became the lawfull Inheritreſs of their House & Fortune. But alas! the House had never beentheir own & their Fortune had only been an Annuityon their own Lives. –Such is the Depravity of the World!To your Mother I should have returned with Pleasure,should have been happy to have introduced to her,my Charming Sophia & should with Chearfullneſs havepaſsed the remainder of my Life in their dear Societyin the Vale of Uske, had not one obstacle to theexecution of so agreable a Scheme, intervened; whichwas the Marriage & Removal of your Mother to a Distant part of Ireland. Adeiu.


Letter 11th

Laura in continuation

"I have a Relation in Scotland (said Sophia to meas we left London) who I am certain would not hesitate

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