:ged her to a Carriage I had ordered & we instantlyset out for London. As the Habitation of Augustuswas within twelve six miles of Town, it was not long e'er we arrived there, & no sooner had we entered Holbourn Piccadilly than letting down one of the Front GlaſsesI enquired of every decent-looking Person that wepaſsed "If they had seen my Edward" ?

But as we drove too rapidly to allow themto answer my repeated Enquiries, I gained little, orindeed, no information concerning him. "Where am Ito Drive?" said the Postilion. "To Newgate Gentle Youth (replied I), to see Augustus." "Oh! no, no, (ex::claimed Sophia) I cannot go to Newgate; I shall notbe able to support the sight of my Augustus in socruel a confinement — my feelings are sufficientlyshocked by the recital, of his Distreſs, but to beholdit will overpower my Sensibility." As I perfectlyagreed with her in the Justice of her Sentimentsthe Postilion was instantly directed to return intothe Country. You may perhaps have been somewhat surprized my Dearest Marianne, that in the Dis::treſs I then endured, destitute of any Support,&un provided with any Habitation, I should never once

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