Letter 10th. Laura in continuation

When we were some what recovered fromthe overpowering Effusions of our Greif, Edwarddesired that we would consider what was the mostprudent step to be taken in our unhappy situationwhile he repaired to his imprisoned freind to la::ment over his misfortunes. We promised thatwe he would, & he set forwards on his Journey to Town.During his Absence we faithfully complied withhis Desire & after the most mature Deliberation, atlength agreed that the best thing we could dowas to leave the House; of which we every momentexpected the Officers of Justice to take poſeſsion.We waited therefore with the greatest impatience,for the return of Edward in order to impart tohim the result of our Deliberations —. But no Ed::ward appeared –. In vain did we count the tedious Moments of his Absence – in vain did we weep –in vain even did we sigh – no Edward returned –.This was too much, too unexpected to1 a Blow to our Gentle Sensibility. –. we could not support it – wecould only faint –. At length collecting all the Reso::lution I was Mistreſs of, I arose & after packing upsome neceſsary Apparel for Sophia & myself, I drag:


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