when our visit to them commenced during whichtime they had been amply supported by a conside::rable sum of Money which Augustus had gracefullypurloined from his Unworthy father's Escritoire, afew days before his union with Sophia.

By our arrival their Expensces1 were con::siderably encreased tho'though their means for supplyingthem were then nearly exhausted. But they, Exalted Creatures!, scorned to reflect a moment on their pe::cuniary Distreſses & would have blushed at theidea of paying their Debts. — Alas! what was their Reward for such disinterested Behaviour! The beau::tifull Augustus was arrested and we were all un::done. Such perfidious Treachery in the mercileſsperpetrators of the Deed will shock your gentle na::ture Dearest Marianne as much as it then affectedthe Delicate Sensibility of Augus Edward, Sophia,your Laura, & of Augustus himself. To compleatsuch unparalelled Barbarity we were informed thatan Execution in the House would shortly take place.Ah! what could we do but what we did! Wesighed & fainted on the Sofa.   Adeiu



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