Letter the 9th ninth From the Same to the Same

When we were somewhat recovered from the overpowering effusions of ou

Towards the close of the Day we receivedthe following Letter from Philippa.

"Sir Edward is greatly incensed by your abruptdeparture; he has taken back Augusta with himto Bedfordshire. Much as I wish to enjoy again yourcharming Society, yet I cannot determine to Snatch you from that, of such dear & deserving Freinds – When your Visit to them is terminated,I trust you will return to the arms of your "


We returned a suitable answer to this affectionate Note & after thanking her for her kind invitationaſsured her that we would certainly avail ourselvesof it, whenever we might have no other place to go to. Tho'Though certainly nothing could to any reasonable Being,have appeared more satisfactory, than so gratefulla reply to her invitation, yet I know not how it was,but she was certainly capricious enough to be displeasedwith itour 1 behaviour and in a few weeks after, eitherto revenge our Conduct, or releive her own solitude, married


'o' overwrites 'it'. Back to context...
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