size; most elegantly formed. A soft Languorspread over her lovely features, but increasedtheir Beauty . It was the Charectearestic1of her Mind –. She was all Sensibility and Feeling. We flew into each others arms &after having exchanged vows of mutual Freindship for the rest of our Lives, instantlyunfolded to each other the most inwardsecrets of our Hearts —. We were interruptedin this Delightfull Employment by theentrance of Augustus, (Edward's freind) whowas just returned from a solitary ramble.

Never did I see such an affecting Sceneas was the meeting of Edward & Augustus.

"My Life! My Soul!" (exclaimed the former) "My Adorable Angel!" (replied the latter) asthey flew into each other's arms. – It wastoo pathetic for the feelings of Sophia andmyself — We fainted Alternately on a Sofa.




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