with Admiration on his undaunted Bravery,led me from the Parlour to his Father's Carriagewhich yet remained at the Door and in whichwe were instantly conveyed from the pursuitof Sir Edward.

The Postilions had at first receivedorders only to take the London road; as soonas we had sufficiently reflected However, weordered them to Drive to M. the seat of Edward'smost particular freind, which was but a few milesdistant.

At M —. we arrived in a few hours; leſs than an hour; and on sending in our names wereimmediately admitted to Sophia, the Wife ofEdward's freind. After having been deprivedduring the course of 3 weeks of a real freind (forsuch I term your Mother) imagine my tran::sports at beholding one, most truly worthyof the Name. Sophia was rather above the middle

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