before another visitor as unexpected a one as herLadyship, was announced. It was Sir Edward,who informed by Augusta of her Brother's mar::riage, came doubtleſs to reproach him forhaving daredto unite himself to me withouthis Knowledge. But Edward foreseeing his Design, approached him with heroic fortitudeas soon as he entered the Room, and addreſsedhim in the following Manner.

"Sir Edward, I know the motive ofyour Journey here — You come with thebase Design of reproaching me for havingentered into an indiſsoluble engagementwith my Laura without your ConsentBut Sir, I glory in the Act —. It is mygreatest boast that I have incurred the Displeasure of my Father!"

So saying, he took my hand and whilstSir Edward, Philippa, and Augusta were doubtleſs reflecting

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