We bowed. "My Father, seduced by the falseglare of Fortune and the Deluding Pomp of Title, insisted on my giving my hand to LadyDorothea. No never exclaimed I. Lady Dorotheais lovely and Engaging; I prefer no woman toher; but IKnow1 Sir that I scorn to marry herin compliance with your Wishes. if you wish I should. No! Never shall it besaid that I obliged my Father."

We all admired the noble Manlinesſs of hisreply. He continued.

"Sir Edward was surprized; he hadperhaps little ex::pected to meethave met with so spirited an oppposi::tion to his will. "Where Edward in the nameof wonder (said he) did you pick up theise2 un::meaning Gibberish? You have been studying Novels I suspect." I scorned to answer: it wouldhave been beneath my Dignity. I mounted my Horse and followed by my faithful william setforwards for my Aunts."

"My Father's house is situated in Bed:


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