greatly affected by the sufferings of the unfortunate Stranger and no sooner did I first behold him, thanI felt that on him the happineſs or Misery of my myself instantaneously in Love with him.future Life must depend. adeiu


Letter 6th

Laura to Marianne

The noble Youth informed us that hisname was Lindsay –. for particular reasons how::ever I shall conceal it under that of Talbot.He told us that he was the son of an English Baronet, that his Mother had been many yearsno more and that he had a Sister of the middlesize. "My Father (he continued) is a mean andmercenary wretch – it is only to such particular freinds as this Dear Party that I would thusbetray his failings –. Your Virtues my amiablePolydore (addreſsing himself to my father) yours Dear Claudia and yours my Charming Lauracall on me to repose in you my Confidence."

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