:fordshire, my Aunt's in Middlesex, and tho'though Iflatter myself with being a tolerable proficientin Geography, I know not how it happened,but I found myself entering this beautifull Vale which I find is in South Wales, when Ihad expected to have reached my Aunts."

"After having wandered some time onthe Banks of the Uske without knowing whichway to go, I began to lament my cruel Destinyin the bitterest and most pathetic Manner.It was now perfectly Dark, not a single Starwas there to direct my steps, and I know notwhat might have befallenme had I not at lengthdiscerned thro'through the solemn Gloom that surround::ed me a distant Light, which as I approachedit, I discovered to be the chearfull Blaze ofyour fire – Impelled by the combination of Misfortunes under which I laboured.1 namely Fear, Cold and Hunger I hesitated not to


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