somebody knocking at the Door." (said my Mother.) "I think there must," (replied my Father) "Ifancy the Servants are returned; (said I) I thinkI hear Mary going to the Door." "I'm glad of it(cried my Father) for I long to know who it is."

I was right in my Conjecture; for Maryinstantly entering the Room, informed us that ayoung Gentleman & his Servant were at the Door, who had loſsed their way, were very coldand begged leave to warm themselves by ourfire.

"Wont you admit them?" (said I) "You haveno objection, my Dear?" (said my Father.) "Nonein the World." (replied my Mother.)

Mary, without waiting for any furthercommands immediately left the room andquickly returned introducing athe most beauteousand amiable Youth, I had ever beheld. Theservant, She kept to herself.

My natural Sensibility had already been

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