:ly does appear to proceed from some uncommonviolence exerted against our unoffending Door."

"Yes (exclaimed I) I cannot help thinking itmust be somebody who knocks for admittance."

"That is another point (replied he;) We I can not pretend to aſsert that any one knocks; tho'thoughmust not pretend to determine on what mo: for my own part, I own I rather imagine it is:tive the person may knock — tho'though that some a knock at the Door that somebody does. Yetone does rap at the Door, I am partly convinced. as we have no ocular Demonstration....

Here, a 2dsecond tremendous rap interruptedmy Father in his speech and somewhat alarmedmy Mother and me.

"Had we not better go and see who it is,?(said she) the Servants are out." "I think we had." (replied I.) "Certainly, (added my Father) by allmeans." "Shall we go now?" (said my Mother.) "The sooner the better." (answered he.) "Oh! let usno time be lost. go immediately." (cried I.)

aA third more violent Rap than everagain aſsaulted our ears. "I am certain there is

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