generosity she had so often experienced & hopedto experience as often again.

She had about 40 miles to travel beforeshe could reach their hospitable Mansion, ofwhich having walked 30 without stopping, she found herself at the Entrance of a Town, whereoften in happier times, she had accompaniedSir George & Lady Harcourt to regale themselveswith a cold collation at one of the Inns.

The reflections that her adventures sincethe last time she had partaken of thiese1 happy Junkettings, afforded her, occupied her mind, forsome time, as she sate on the steps at of the doorof a Gentleman's house. As soon as these reflec::tions were ended, she arose & determined totake her station at the very inn, she rememberedwith so much delight, from the Company of which,


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