as they went in & out, she hoped to [...]receive1 some Charitable Gratuity.

She had but just taken her post at the Inn yard, before a Carriage drove out of it, & onturning the Corner at which she was stationed,stopped to give the Postilion an opportunity of ad::miring the beauty of the prospect. Eliza thenadvanced to the carriage & was going to requesttheir Charity, when on fixing her Eyes on the Lady, within it, she exclaimed, "Lady Harcourt!" To which the lady replied,"Eliza! "Yes Madam it is the wretched Eliza herself." "Sir George, who was also in the Carriage, but toomuch amazed to speek, was proceeding to demandan explanation from Eliza of the Situation shewas then in, when lady Harcourt in transports


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