Her Clwardrobe1 she now saw a fatal neceſsity ofselling, both for the preservation of her Children& herself. With tears in her eyes, she parted withthese last reliques2 of her former Glory, & withthe money she got for them, bought others more usefull, some play things for her Boys anda gold Watch for herself.

  But scarcely was she providedwith the above-mentioned neceſsaries, than shebegan to find herself rather hungry, & had reasonto think, by their biting off toowo3 of her fingers,that her Children were much in the samesituation.

To remedy these unavoidable mis::fortunes, she determined to return to herold freinds, Sir George & Lady Harcourt, whose


Beginning of word written one or two letters; possibly 'Cl' [Cloathes]. Back to context...
'ques' in much darker ink, as if written over something else. Back to context...
'wo' overwriting other letters, conjecturally 'oo' ('too'). Back to context...
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