was entirely sufficient for the Wants & Wishesof a Family who neither wanted or wished foranything beyond what their income afforded them.Mr Williams had been in poſseſsion of his livingabove twenty Years, when this history commences,& his Marriage which had taken place soon afterhis presentation to it, had made him the fatherof six very fine Children. The eldest had been placedat the Royal Academy for Seamen at Portsmouthwhen about thirteen years old, and from thencehad been discharged on board of one of the Veſselsof a small fleet destined for Newfoundland, wherehis promising & amiable disposition had procuredhim many friends among the Natives, & from whencehe regularly sent home a large Newfoundland Dogevery Year Month1 to his family. The second, who was also a Son had been adopted by a neighbouring Clergyman with the intention of educating himat his own expence, which would have beena very desirable Circumstance had the Gentleman’s


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