fortune been equal to his generosity, but as hehad nothing to support himself and a very largefamily but a Curacy of fifty pound a year, YoungWilliams knew nothing more at the age of 18 thanwhat a twopenny Dame's School in the village couldteach him. His Character however was perfectlyamiable though his genius might be cramped,and he was addicted to no vice, or even guilty ofany fault beyond what his age and situationrendered perfectly excusable. He had indeed some::times been detected in flinging Stones at a Duckor putting brickbats into his Benefactor's bed; butthese innocent efforts of wit were consideredby that good Man rather as the effects of a livelyimagination, than of anything bad in his Nature,and if any punishment were decreed for the of::fence it was in general no greater than thatthe Culprit should pick up the Stones or takethe brickbats away.

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