appetite?"  "Bad, very bad, said Julia." "That is very bad — replied he. Are her spiritsgood Madam?"   "So poorly Sir that we are ob::liged to strengthen her with cordials every Minute." —"Well then she receives Spiritsfrom your being with her. Does she sleep?"Scarcely ever —. "And Ever Scarcely I supposewhen she does. Poor thing! Does she thinkof dieing? "She has not strength to thinkat all. "Nay then she cannot think to of have Strength."

The Generous Curate —

a moral Tale, setting forth the

Advantages of being Generous and a Curate.

In a part little known of the County ofWarwickshire, a very worthy Clergyman latelyresided. The income of his living which amount::ed to about two hundred pound, & the interestof his Wife's fortune which was nothing at all,

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