moment, "Meliſsa how are you?" The lovely Sis::ters are much to be pitied. Julia is ever la::menting the situation of her friend, while lyingbehind her pillow & supporting her head — Mariamore mild in her greif talks of going to Townnext week, and Anna is always recurring tothe pleasures we once enjoyed when Meliſsa waswell. — I am usually at the fire cooking somelittle delicacy for the unhappy invalid — Per::haps hashing up the remains of an old Duck,toasting some cheese or making a Curry whichare the favourite [...]dishes of our poor friend. —In these situations we were this morning sur::prized [.]by receiving a visit from Dr Dowkins; "I am come to see Meliſsa," said he. "How is She?" "Very weak indeed, said the fainting Meliſsa –"Very weak, replied the punning Doctor, ayeindeed it is more than a very week sinceyou have taken to your bed — How is your

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