A beautiful description of the differenteffects of Sensibility on different Minds.

I am but just returned from Meliſsa's Bedside, & in my Life tho'though it has been a prettylong one, & I have during the course of it beenat many Bedsides, I never saw so affecting anobject as she exhibits. She lies wrapped in abook muslin bedgown, a chambray gauze shift,& a french net nightcap. Sir William is con::stantly at her bedside. The only repose hetakes is on the Sopha in the Drawing room,where for five minutes every fortnight heremains in an imperfect Slumber, startingup every Moment & exclaiming "Oh! Meliſsa,Ah! Meliſsa," then sinking down again, raises his left arm and scratches his head. Poor MrsBurnaby is beyond measure afflicted. She sighsevery now and then, that is about once aweek; while the melancholy Charles says every

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