Person & Manners of Mr Brudenell.

We found Mr Watts at home.

"So, Miſs Stanhope (said he) you see I am come a courting in a true Lover like Manner."

"Well you need not have told me that. I knewwhy you came very well."

Sophy & I then left the room, imagining ofcourse that we must be in the way, if a Scene of Courtship were to begin. We were sur--prised at being followed almost immediatelyby Mary.

"And is your Courting so soon over?" said Sophy.

"Courting! (replied Mary) we have been quar--relling. Watts is such a Fool! I hope I shallnever see him again."

"I am afraid you will, (said I) as he dines hereto day. But what has been your dispute?"

"Why only because I told him that I had seena Man much handsomer than he was this Morning, he flew into a great Paſsion & calledme a Vixen, so I only stayed to tell him I thoughthim a Blackguard & came away."

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