make your Entrée very respectable."

Kitty made us all smile except Mary whodid not understand her Meaning & coolly saidthat she should not like to chaprone so many.

Sophy & I now endeavoured to change the con--versation but succeeded only for a few Minutes,for Mary took care to bring back their atten--tion to her & her approaching Wedding.I was sorry for my Sister’s sake to see thatMr Brudenell seemed to take pleasure inlistening to her account of it, & even en--couraged her in doing so by his Questions& Remarks, for it was evident that his only Aim was to laugh at her. I am afraidhe found her very ridiculous. He kept his Countenance extremely well, yet it waseasy to see that it was with difficultyhe kept it. At length however he seemed fa--tigued & Disgusted with her ridiculous Con--versation, as he turned from her to us, & spokebut little to her for about half an hour beforewe left Stoneham. As soon as we were outof the House we all joined in praising the

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