& Sophy & I were heartily ashamed of our Sis--ter. She went on.

"We are to have a new Postchaise and verylikely may set up our Phaeton."

This we knew to be false but the poor Girlwas pleased at the idea of persuading the com--pany that such a thing was to be & I wouldnot deprive her of so harmleſs an Enjoyment.She continued. "Mr Watts is to present me with the family Jewels which I fancy are very considerable." I could not help whispering Sophy "I fancy not."

"These Jewels are what I suppose must benew set before they can be worn. I shall not wearthem till the first Ball I go to after my Mar--riage. If Mrs Dutton should not go to it, I hopeyou will let me chaprone you; I shall certain--ly take Sophy & Georgiana."

"You are very good (said Kitty) & since youare inclined to undertake the Care of young Ladies, I should advise you to prevail on MrsEdgecumbe to let you chaprone her six Daughterswhich with your two Sisters and ourselves will

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