swelling with the knowledge of her own impor--tance & with the Desire of making it known,could not remain long silent on the Subject afterwe were seated, & soon addreſsing herself to Kittysaid,

"Dont you think it will be neceſsary to haveall the Jewels new set?"

"Neceſsary for what?"

"For What! Why for my appearance."

"I beg your pardon but I really do not under--stand you. What Jewels do you speak of, andwhere is your appearance to be made?"

"At the next Ball to be sure after I am mar--ried."

You may imagine their Surprise. They wereat first incredulous, but on our joining in the Story they at last beleived it. "And who isit to" was of course the first Question. Marypretended Bashfulneſs, & answered in Confusionher Eyes cast down "to Mr Watts." This alsorequired Confirmation from us, for that anyonewho had the Beauty & fortune ( tho'though small yet aprovision) of Mary would willingly marry MrWatts,

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