From the Same to the Same

Dear Anne Saturday

Mary eager to have every one know of herapproaching Wedding & more particularly desirousof triumphing as she called it over the Duttons,desired us to walk with her this Morning to Stone--ham. As we had nothing else to do we readilyagreed, & had as pleasant a walk as we couldhave with Mary whose conversation entirely consistedin abusing the Man she is so soon to marry &in longing for a blue Chaise spotted with Silver.When we reached the Duttons we found thetwo Girls in the dreſsing-room with a veryhandsome Young Man, who was of course intro--duced to us. He is the son of Sir Henry Brude--nell of Leicestershire. Not related to the Family & even but distantly connected with it. His Sister is married to John Dutton’s Wife’s Brother. When you have puzzled over this account a little you will understand it. Mr Brudenellis the handsomest Man I ever saw in my Life; we are all three very much pleasedwith him. Mary, who from the moment ofour reaching the Dreſsing-room had been

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