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"Her Mantuamaker! —then I amsure my calling now, wd .would be mostinconvenient. — Indeed you mustallow me merely to leave my Card& be so good as to explain it afterwards to Mrs . C.Croft" "No, no, not at all, not at all.She will be very happy glad to see you.Mind — I will not swear that she has notsomething particular to say to you —but that will all come out in theright place. I give no hints. Why, Miſs Elliot, we begin to hearstrange things of you — (smiling inher face) — But you have not I do not see muchthe Look of it in your Countenance."as Grave as a little Judge." — Anne blushed. — "Aye, aye, thatwill do. Now, it is all right. Ithought we were not mistaken." She Anne was left to gueſs at thedirection of his Suspicions; — thefirst wild idea had been of some disclosure con::feſsion of the past from his Br -Brotherin law — but she was ashamedthe next moment — & felt how far that itmore probable it was that he should he must in all probability bemeaning Mr . E.Elliot The door wasopened — & the Man was evidentlybeginning to deny his Mistreſs,when the sight of his Masterstopped him. The Adml .Admiral enjoyed

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