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It was within a few steps of hisown door. – "You are going to call upon my wife, said he, she willbe very glad to see you." — Annedenied it. —"1said —No — she really had not time,she was in her way home" — butwhile she spoke, the Adml .Admiral had steppedback & knocked at the door, calling outsaying, "Yes, yes, do go in;She is all alone. go & in & restyourself." — Anne felt so little dis::posed at this time to be in for any company but that company of any sort, that it of her own thoughts, that she wasvexed herreally sorry to be thus constrained —but she was now obliged to stop. "Since you are so very so kind, criedsaidsaid she, I will just ask Mrs . Croft how she does, but I really cannotstay 5 minutes. — You are sureshe is quite alone." —The poſsibility ofShe hadCapt .W.Wentworthhad occurred — and mostin her thoughts at this moment;& was fearfully anxiouswas she to beaſsured — either that he was withinor that he was not; —butwhich,she could notmight have been a question.have told which herself. —"Oh! yes,quite alone — Nobody butby herMantuamaker with her, & they have been shut up together this half hour, so it must be oversoon."


The opening quotation marks which surround Anne's reported reply are part of the superlinear revision to the passage.Back to context...
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